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Hilary Van Hoose Screenwriter

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About Hilary Van Hoose

Hilary recently wrapped as a staff writer for season one of Nickelodeon’s YouTube/Paramount+ series Blue's Clues & You Nursery Rhymes (for which she wrote 10 out of 50 episodes), and also sold an outline for an unannounced age 6-11 kids animated sci-fi comedy series already in development at TeamTO. She is currently a writing for an animated YouTube series that is aimed at the teenage girl audience.


A 2022 semifinalist in both the NBC Launch TV Writers Program and the Inevitable Foundation Screenwriters Program, she is also a 2021 RespectAbility Lab Fellow and winner of the Stage 32 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Screenwriting Contest, whose screenplays have placed in such notable competitions as Sundance Episodic Lab, Austin Film Festival, and are ranked on the Coverfly Red List. Hilary is currently a Women in Animation mentee and a participant in Nicky Weinstock's Craft Services screenwriting initiative.

She has previously worked as a calculus tutor, events coordinator assistant, university library staff, radio station volunteer, TV station volunteer, college TV reporter, copywriter for an advertising company, production intern/assistant, development intern, archivist/tape librarian, comedy club live stage production staff, teaching assistant for film/TV classes, video editor, and print journalist.

Hilary grew up a homeschool kid and a PWD in a multi-heritage family, primarily in Northern California and Hawaii. There, she developed a love of outdoor activities and her skills as a culinary artist won her more than 160 awards in local competitions.
Turning her creativity towards filmmaking, she earned her B.A. in Film and Digital Media Production from UC Santa Cruz (go banana slugs!). Entering as a Regent's Scholar, she won the film department’s Porter College fellowship for two consecutive quarters and gained certification in Leadership Training and Development from the UCSC Experiential Leadership Program, then graduating Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude after returning from the UCEAP French Language & Culture program in Paris, France.

Finally settling in Los Angeles to earn her M.F.A. in Film and Television Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Hilary won the first ever Jack Oakie and Dale C. Olson “You Heard it Here First” Award for Excellence in Entertainment Communication in Honor of Victoria Oakie. She chose an emphasis in comedy television because USC was the first university in the nation to offer a program dedicated to training filmmakers in the art of comedy. She not only took on a position as a member of the USC Comedy student board but also earned approval for her graduate thesis to be comprised of two half-hour pilots produced for the school’s flagship television production class (as an editor for the first, and as a director for the next year’s pilot episode). Hilary found her voice as a screenwriter when she began writing genre scripts with a bent towards lighthearted, emotionally wide-ranging tones and themes.

Original Screenplays

Hilary writes genre scripts for TV and film, live-action and animation. Her specialty is optimistic stories exploring themes of found family.


Comps for Hilary's style include:
* Movies like Labyrinth, A League of Their Own, the Thin Man series, and The NeverEnding Story *
* Genre shows like Young Indiana Jones, The X-Files, The Mandalorian, Castle, Resident Alien, Ghosts, and Psych *
* Children’s shows like Molly of Denali, Sofia the First, Alice's Wonderland Bakery, Stillwater, Little Bear, So Weird, and Are You Afraid of the Dark? *


Hilary is seeking freelance & staff writer opportunities, OWAs, and representation.

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The Cat of Versailles

Kids and Family Fantasy - Pilot

An immortal cat narrates stories of his whimsical adventures throughout France’s history to an American girl living abroad.

Comp: Wishbone meets Little Bear

• Austin Film Festival 2nd Round
• Sundance Episodic Lab 2nd Round
• Inevitable Foundation Semifinalist
• Screencraft Animation Semifinalist

Chrissy Kringle

Kids and Family Fantasy - Pilot

The granddaughter of Santa Claus spends each summer in a world of sugarplum fairies and year-round holiday cheer at the North Pole, balancing life as a spirited young girl with training to become the new Santa when she grows up.

Comps: Sofia the First meets Alice's Wonderland Bakery.


Teddy the Brave

Family Fantasy - Pilot

In 1902, when teddy bears are created to protect innocent children from monsters-under-the-bed, a young girl joins two teddies on a perilous journey into the monster dimension to retrieve a her brother’s stolen imagination before daybreak, when it will be lost forever.

Comp: Labyrinth meets The Neverending Story.


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The Pulse poster - sisters square.jpg

Medicine Woman

Fantasy/Sci-Fi – Pilot

When a New York City medical intern of Diné/Navajo descent suddenly manifests inherited supernatural healing powers after her father's murder, she must learn to control her abilities and discover how a shadowy genetics corporation is involved, with the help of her long-lost medicine-man grandfather.

Comp: House M.D. meets The X-Files


• Stage 32 Sci-Fi / Fantasy Contest Winner

• Austin Film Festival Virtual Pitch Finalist

• Bigfoot Script Challenge (SIFF) Finalist

• Sundance Episodic Lab 2nd Round

• NBC Launch TV Writing Semifinalist

Night Coach from Sonora

Western / Action-Adventure – Pilot

After her family is murdered, a young woman comes to the wild west disguised as a man to investigate her uncle's disappearance, embarking on a series of adventures with the sheriff and town doctor as she becomes embroiled in the lives and mysteries of passengers and townspeople. Also available as a feature script.

Comp: Mulan meets Stagecoach West

• Scriptapalooza Finalist
• Stage 32 TV Writing Contest Semifinalist
• Launchpad Feature 2nd Round
• ScreenCraft Action Adventure Quarterfinalist

The Pulse

Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Pilot

When she discovers her agoraphobic psychiatrist sister can predict the future by keeping her finger on the pulse of mass media in San Francisco, a disillusioned ex cop finds purpose by using the knowledge to prevent terrible events from taking place.

Comp: Numb3rs meets Early Edition


• Bolt Honorable Mention

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Detective Dee Dee Poster - square.jpg
Sherlock Meets Dracula Poster - square.j

West of the WASPs

War/Adventure - Pilot

When a stunt pilot gets caught up in the Pearl Harbor attacks, she stops sitting on the sidelines and becomes a ferry pilot for the U.S. military during WWII by joining the WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots).

Comp: A League of Their Own meets The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.


• NBC Launch TV Writing Semifinalist

Detective Dee Dee, Registered Nurse

Crime dramedy - Pilot

When a mild mannered middle-aged nursing professor in Hawaii intercepts a secret message from a kidnapped FBI agent, her nosy nature leads her into the middle of an international criminal conspiracy - and a new hobby as an amateur sleuth.

Comp: Diagnosis Murder meets Murder She Wrote with a hint of Magnum P.I.


• Coverfly Pitch Week Shortlisted

Sherlock Holmes, Vampire Detective

Light-crime procedural/Horror - Pilot

When Sherlock Holmes is attacked by Dracula in 1919 and re-awakens in present-day Los Angeles as a vampire, he teams up with street-smart private detective Jess Adler, descendant of female rival Irene Adler, to solve paranormal mysteries.

Comp: Lucifer meets Forever Knight

• Die Laughing Film Festival Finalist

• Hollyshorts Quarterfinalist (as a short)
• ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Quarterfinalist


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